Current Affairs NEXT IAS- January 2023
ISBN: 9789395548526
No. of Pages: 110

Publisher Name: MADE EASY Publications

Author Name: NEXT IAS Editorial Board

Binding: Paperback
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The January 2023 Issue of the Next IAS Current Affairs Magazine has comprehensive coverage of all the topics from
current affairs neatly categorized into major sections like Economy, International Issues, Polity & Governance, and so
Cover Story articles in our magazine provide macro coverage of the entire syllabus judicially divided into different
themes. It intends to build conceptual understanding of aspirants by making it all-encompassing, incorporating
different views and reasoned arguments in favour of or against a position, idea or development relevant for UPSC-CSE.
They are typically handled by subject-area experts who can bring in-depth knowledge to a topic.
Feature articles cover a wider spectrum of information by catering different sectors and provides microanalysis of
important news which are objective, and impartial. The ulterior motive of feature articles is to provide food for thought
to aspirants on current affairs related developments.
In-shorts section of the magazine incorporates information, which is important for both Mains and Prelims. They are
specially curated information covering important points from different news sources, compiled by Team NEXTIAS to
suit the demands of the ever-changing and evolving nature of UPSC-CSE.
Miscellaneous are to the point, crisp and short notes on different topics pertaining to Current Affairs. The idea is to
help the reader in reaching to the main points of a topic quickly. A new section in our current affairs magazine named
“Data Recap” has been introduced which is a compilation of data-based insights to help our readers to dwell deeper
into the nitty-gritty of any issue.
The Magazine is designed for the needs of the students who are preparing for UPSC Civil Services Examinations.
However, it is also helpful for Engineering Services Examinations, Banking Examinations and other Government or

Public Sector Enterprises examinations.

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