CSE Mains 2023: Mechanical Engg. Sol. Papers-Vol-2
ISBN: 9789395548748
No. of Pages: 524

Publisher Name: MADE EASY Publications

Author Name: MADE EASY Editorial Board

Binding: Paperback
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For FAQs section:

Que: What are some recommended CSE exam books for Mechanical Engineering?

Ans. For CSE Main Exam, along with theory books students are recommended to practice previous years’ question papers to get themselves assimilated with the latest trends, types, and patterns of questions.

Que:Where can I find MADE EASY books?

Ans. MADE EASY offers a wide range of Civil Services Books, i.e., available on major book stalls across India. You may order it online at www.madeeasypublications.org. The books are also available at major e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Que:Which study material is best for CSE Mechanical?

Ans. NEXT IAS offers postal packages for CSE. The technical subjects are prepared by experts/teachers of MADE EASY. Students are recommended to refer to the curated content for mechanical engineering subjects and learn the basics of mechanical engineering.

Que:Are there any CSE exam books that include practice problems and solutions?

Ans. CSE solved papers are a good resource for practice. If you want to practice more questions, you may refer latest solved problems of IFS and ESE. MADE EASY Publications also offers a practice book of Conventional Solved Questions for exams like ESE, IRMSE, and state services. This book is highly useful for CSE as well.

Que:Are there any CSE exam books that cover all subjects?

Ans. CSE Mains Solved Papers are topic-wise bifurcated and cover the entire syllabus. There are 22 years of solved papers in this book (from the year 2001 – 2022).

Que:How can I save money while buying MADE EASY books?

Ans. We run discounts and offers from time to time to help aspirants save money, thus making their complete MADE EASY books purchase an affordable one. You can find these discounts and offers on the official website’s (https://madeeasypublications.org) homepage and pop-ups across different web pages on the website.

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